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Evening Stars by BlackJack0919
Evening Stars
" Evening stars "


"Have you ever known a sunset when the sky's on fire
How you end another day boy you've been searching too far
Like the desert I rode on any memory is lost in the restless wind
I just lie beneath the evening star.

Evening star
Shine a little Heaven
On a stranger with no dream
Where you are." - Kenny Rogers 


If you lost your way through the night , the stars will guide you and give you comfort  


Taken when I was in Japan . A Kind of Japanese Jasmine ^^ 

Anyway , I'm moving and Posting more through my new facebook page , since it's more comfortable for me to post picture through both facebook and instagram ^^ So if you want more new pictures of me , please go to my facebook page , since I will be likely to be more active there .… . ^^ 

* Nikon D90 + 18-140mm VR . Decreased light , increased contrast . Added a blue layer in soft light mode . 

Thank you for viewing ^^ 

Take me before it's light by BlackJack0919
Take me before it's light
Sometimes , it would be lovely to just leave everything behind and run away . 

I did , once . And then the feeling afterwards are even worse , and I wished that I had stayed and fight . 

There was a quite interesting conversation in Kill Bill Vol. 2 : 

Bud : " So , as you no longer face enemy on the battle field , which " R " are you on ?? Relief or regret ?? 

Elle :  " A little bit of both " 

Bud : " I know that you feel a little bit of both , but I know that you feel one is stronger than the other , so , which was that ? "

Elle : " Regret " ......

As it turns out to be , if we choose to ran away and hide , we will regret it forever . So ,as we only have one life to live , try to minimize the "regret" as little as possible ^^ 


Old Shot . 

Hanoi - Vietnam on some cold rainy and foggy night . 

* Nikon D90 + nikkor 50mm f/1.8D 

* Photoshop 8 CS + decreased contrast . Monochrome . I have found that using black & White is so much easier to edit a foggy photo though :lol: and it can makes the effects stronger too ^^

Thank you for viewing and fav-ing :hug: 
What Ya Lookin' At by BlackJack0919
What Ya Lookin' At
Jurong Bird Park - Singapore ^^ 

Bird Photography might be the hardest one I've ever tried . It's not about you take picture of a bird , but how you can show it's a "living bird" , and because it's was very active and hop around much , so it's so hard to finally get the moment . This is just a lucky shot :XD: 

* Nikon D90 + 55-200mm VR . Simply , some of the cheapest lens from Nikon Offers a too good picture quality :XD: I never need to buy expensive lenses :XD: 

* Photoshop 8 CS + increased contrast . 

Thank you for viewing :hug: 
Wishing Thinking by BlackJack0919
Wishing Thinking
I used to be so pissed about stuffs that I can't have , and tried so hard to achieve them . But in the end , I still couldn't get what I want . But I always get something else in returns . So I started to realize that : if something belong to you , it will be effortlessly come to you when you're least expecting .

So relax a bit and don't be rush . Just like Garfield used to say : " If you're wait long enough , everything will come to you " ^^ 

Of course there will always be exception to everything . Sometimes , you have to take your chance and live with the consequences . But at least , you won't be regret for not trying . At least that's what I've found out through my several relationships :lol: 


I'm in love with my Yotsuba Danboard :XD: Even thought it did take a lot of effort to finally get it in my hand , but at least after years of waiting and finding , I found it :XD: So I guess , if you never try , you can never get something you want . 

* Nikon D90 + nikkor 60mm f/2.8D 

* Photoshop 8 CS + increased in yellow and contrast using color balancing . Added a gradient layer of blue and light orange with Screen mode , 70% capacity . 

Thank you for viewing :hug: 
Something About Love by BlackJack0919
Something About Love
There are always things you can learn about love , 

I was once heard Brian Tracy talks about the habit of reading , if you continue to read about Something even though you have already been an Expert in that field , you can still learn something in those book to do better in your chosen Field .

 So I thought the same thing can be the same about love . Some people used to be expert about it before they found the right one , then after that , they stop finding more information to keep being THE BEST lover , they just go with the flow without even realize one day , they're not the TOP lover anymore . And the result : Divorce , living separated , friends with benefitssssss , etc . 

So , If we want OUR LOVE to be better , we have to learn how to keep it and stay at the top . Because once u're a FANTASTIC LOVER , You don't go back :XD: 



Something funny pop up =P 

It's been funny that I've been posting my works scatter all over the internet with different watermarks and stuff , and how funny I didn't even remember to post something here , where I kept all my work . =P 

My New Yotsuba Dan Board I bought in Japan ^^ 

* Nikon D90 + Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D Micro + Manual Focus 

* Photoshop 8 CS + increased in light and yellow and purple content using curves and color balancing. Added a Light Purple layer in Screen Mode and Minor Vignetting.

Thank you for viewing :hug: 


BlackJack0919's Profile Picture
Khoi Nguyen
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I'm just a little Kid with lens :XD:

Call me Khoi :XD: Or better - Doctor Khoi =P

Add me @khoinguyen0919 on instagram for instant update of snapshots and everything else :D

And Facebook :XD: ( personal )… ( Official )

If you're interested for a print or simply bigger resolution , I will provide some of my work through 500px portal at .

Thank you ^^

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